Anubis (Ancient Egyptian) temporary tattoo that lasts for a long time


Temporary tattoo and lives with you for a long period of 15 days.





You don’t need to make a tattoo that will sit with you for a lifetime.

We have a temporary tattoo and it will live with you for a long period of 15 days.

An ancient Egyptian tattoo for the arm or leg .

easy to use :

Clean the skin well and make sure that there is no oil or water on it.
Take the tattoo out of its bag
Peel off the transparencies from behind.
Wet the tattoo and place it on the skin.
Place a wet tissue on it for 30 seconds, then remove the paper.
Leave the tattoo on the body for two hours without approaching it with water or touch for a better result.
The tattoo appears on the body after 4 or 5 hours.
Within 24 to 48 hours, the shape of the image appears and lasts up to 15 days.


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