Natural eyelashes enhance the appearance of the eye 3 pairs


Eyelashes made of natural hair, light and easy to use, are indispensable for a perfect and attractive appearance 3 Psc



There is nothing more beautiful than your attractive appearance and self-confidence.

This is the secret of your beauty and the charm of your femininity and femininity is a powerful energy of love and beauty.
We need to enhance this feeling and energy through additional needs enriched by our feeling that we are better and more beautiful, not luxury or anything extra, but an expression of our search for beauty for ourselves.
So we made natural eyelashes that are so light, they will live with you for a long time as long as you keep them.
These lashes have 3 layers and this style (Long on the outside – Regular – Long on all sides).
These eyelashes enhance our natural look because they are made of soft natural hair and not plastic, and they are made with great care which means they can handle and live well.
Light and wonderful.
100% new soft eyelashes

Material: natural mink hair

Very soft and comfortable to wear and you will not feel any weight.

Suitable for parties or professional makeup

Easy to use, make your eyes look bright and attractive

Can be removed with eye make-up remover

It can be reused when needed again.


Length: 8-10 mm

Packing: 3 pairs in one set You can vary between long, short, dense and light

The codes are from 100 to 110, and you can inquire from the customer service about the appropriate length for your face.

how to use :

Carefully remove the eyelashes from the case using tweezers
Compare the false eyelashes with the length of your eye line, and clip them to the appropriate length and width
Add glue along the root of false eyelashes using a cotton bud
Pin the eyelashes to the root of your natural eyelashes by applying pressure
If necessary, apply eye shadow or eyeliner to make your eye line look more natural


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