20 pieces/ transparent, thin invisible sticker for the face to tighten wrinkles and sagging


20 pieces/ transparent invisible thin film for the face to tighten wrinkles and sagging



20 Pieces / Face Invisible Transparent Thin Film Tightening Wrinkles And Sagging

the description:

* Only 0.02mm thick, light and breathable.
*Waterproof, with strong elasticity, you will not feel it.
* Lifts and tightens the skin instantly, creating a V-shape for the face.
* Invisible, not easy to pay attention to, and a base cream is placed on it.
* Easy to use. It does not require much experience.
* A temporary solution instead of plastic surgery.
* Environmentally friendly materials, safe and healthy, soft and convenient to use.
* It works to tighten sagging facial muscles and shape the outline of your face.
Contraindications to use:
Some people are allergic to the sticker and nylon, the product may not be suitable for them, and if redness appears, please remove the product.


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