About Us


Edmon is an Egyptian company specializing in arts and creativity. It started as studios specializing in commercial and artistic photography, and then branched out into fields close to photography and cinema to provide their requirements.

 we  firm desire to support the Egyptian economy, and support the arts in particular, as we realized what we possess of invaluable Egyptian human and technical cadres, and our amazing Egyptian capabilities and skills, which are latent treasures that we aimed to extract and show in their splendid and splendid forms, to create a wonderful and unique world of Various Egyptian visual arts.. Here at Edmond Company, our main activity is focused on the production and provision of cosmetics and products that are used in cinematic works. We are unique in manufacturing some of them and providing others through partners around the world, provided high quality standards.

We work with love, harmony and ambition for a field that we love and go deep into in order to reach the highest international quality standards with our thoughts.

Our message:

Our mission in Edmond Cosmetics is a light that illuminates our path, and adds more honesty and enthusiasm to all our current and future business, as our mission is simply:

•- Quality and Credibility: Quality and credibility are the most important things we seek to achieve in Edmond Company, where we work through the sincerity and diligence of our team to provide the highest international quality standards, and we work with all our honesty and enthusiasm to achieve the satisfaction and happiness of our permanent and sure customers.

•- Exclusivity, Excellence and Creativity: The idea of Edmond Makeup was born mainly on innovation and excellence, where we put uniqueness and facing successive challenges as one of the most important principles of our basic mission that we strive to achieve all the time, which motivates us to always provide our best.

Supporting the artists: the artist, actor, director and scriptwriters are the focus of our attention, and they are and still are an important and vital part of our company’s mission. We were keen that our most important principles revolve around them. They are the largest part of our work team, believing in creativity and their limitless skills, while providing many opportunities Diverse work for many of them

•- Effective contribution to the economic wheel: Edmond Company is basically a company that was established by an ambitious and persistent Egyptian entrepreneur, who decided, with love and devotion to his country, to harness his efforts and production for the advancement and progress of this authentic country. Therefore, one of the most important principles of our mission is to contribute effectively. In raising the Egyptian economy by providing competitive and international export products.

•- Our products are for all men, women and children: Our message in Edmond is that beauty is not only for women, but is for all groups and ages, so we made sure that our products include women, children and men as well, and that Edmond Make-up becomes the charming artistic touch on everyone’s life.

Our vision:

The creative and original ideas on which Edmond Trading and Creativity was founded as a whole are not just fleeting or temporary ideas, but rather a renewable energy with hope and life, as we always strive to achieve several high-end human principles through our work system. Creative achievements, to become a leading company in its thought and fields of work, and to become the closest to our customers and the most precedent among our competitors at the global level, and for our products to continue to achieve success and development that always make them at the highest levels of international quality.

Our products:

Edmond is proud to offer a distinguished list of aesthetic products.

•- Contact lenses: We are proud in Edmond Company of a variety of original and distinguished cosmetic contact lenses for cinema and Halloween, and they have various diameters, starting from 14 mm diameter, normal eye size up to 22 mm specialized lenses

•- Colors for drawing on the body and face: Edmond Company is also unique in providing original color palettes for drawing on the body and face, suitable for use safely for children and adults and fixed.

•- Various cosmetic products in which we guarantee you quality, safety and luxury.