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مكياج عيون
ادوات مساعدة للعمل
عدسات لاصقة
مستلزمات السينما
Eyes makeup
Work aids
Contact lenses
Cinema supplies

Best selling products

Why choose us?

Best quality on the market

We offer a range of high quality products

Delivery Service

Shipping service is available inside and outside Egypt

Exclusive discounts

Congratulations!! I found the most attractive price with a quality .

What do we offer?

eyes makeup

Natural hair eyelashes, feather eyelashes, long eyelashes, eyeliners, mascara, eyebrow gel, eye shadows (eyeshadows)

Auxiliary tools for professional work

Painting brushes, palette, color mixing knife, beauty blender

Cinema supplies

Color boxes for body and face colors, body shaping wax, corrector concealer 12 colors, fake blood, fangs

Contact Lenses

Cosmetic contact lenses, Halloween cinema contact lenses

Articles & information

Learn more about our products and get more ideas about using them

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Common Questions

Why should I buy from you?

All our products are original. We do not use any counterfeit products or expose us to danger.. We mainly use these products for our work in photography and creativity.

We get our products from trusted international companies and also manufacture them in a safe way from natural raw materials.

Are your products expensive?

In fact, it is considered a long investment. The color box, for example, 12, may live with you for a period of 6 months of continuous daily work. This is very economical in relation to its price and is also safe.

Do you support artists and makeup lovers?

Yes, just send us pictures of your creativity and we will post them on our pages and tell everyone about your skills.. Also, sometimes we finance some people’s pictures and include them in advertising campaigns after referring to them. We also offer offers and discounts and offer free shipping for products over 1000 pounds inside Egypt.

Is this art suitable for everyone?

Yes, it is for women, men and children. There is no barrier in front of you that stops you from being creative.

How can I pay and how long is the delivery?

You can pay upon receipt if you are in Egypt through our shipping and delivery partners.

You can pay with Visa and MasterCard, no problem. It takes two to four days for the product to reach you, depending on your location.

If you are outside Egypt, pay with a visa or Mastercard or paypal , and you will receive the product within a week, wherever you are.

Is there a warranty on the products?

Yes, all of our products are guaranteed and we have a quality monitor during the preparation of the product for shipment. So we are keen on your safety. Also, our products are trusted by certified companies.

Where are your products made?

Some of them are manufactured in Egypt by us, and some are made in Korea, such as contact lenses and other products are manufactured in China through laboratories specialized in cosmetics.

Do you have any questions or inquiries?

So let me hear you, you are most welcome

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